The Complete FOREX Course

Forex Course As Incentive

Introduction to Forex Trading

How to Calculate Pips and Lot Sizes

Effects of Leverage in Forex Trading

The Rules of Risk Management

Things I Wished I Knew When I Started Forex Trading

Types of Forex Analysis

Types of Forex Orders

Types of Forex Traders

Parts of a Candlestick and Japanese Candlesticks Patterns

Trendlines (Plotting Trendlines & Breakout Candlesticks)

Types of Forex Market

How to Trade the Trending and Ranging Markets

Identifying Support and Resistance Levels

Identifying and Marking out Key Levels

Forex Chart Patterns

Understanding Technical Indicators

Hidden Secrets Behind Trading the Moving Average

Trading Secrets Behind the Fibonacci Retracement Tool

Price Action and Top-Down Analysis

Setting Stop-losses and Managing Open Positions

Intraday Trading Strategy Using the Line Chart

How the Scalp the Forex Market

Currency Index, Correlations and Money Management Strategies

The Importance of Keeping a Trade Journal

The Importance of Having a Trading Plan

Becoming a Successful Forex Trader

NASDAQ Scalping Strategy with Low Risk

Becoming a Swing Trader and Swing Trading Strategies

A Guide to Using MetaTrader4 and Trading View

Conclusion and Summary

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